Truth from the Ground Up

Build smarter with high resolution location intelligence.

MAY 2020 | San Francisco, CA, U.S.

Bring greater accuracy and efficiency to your site design, planning, and visualizations with Nearmap. Accurately measure and assess worksites from any connected device with sub-3” resolution clarity, 3D viewpoints, and AI insights.

Nearmap is revolutionizing AEC workflows


Frequent Surveys

We capture 700 of the top urban and regional areas in the U.S. up to three times per year.


Seamless Integration

Easily connect our data with your preferred GIS and CAD platforms.


Remote Access

View, measure, and export aerial data from wherever you are.


Advanced Tools

Powerful 3D aerial maps and innovative AI insights transport you to any worksite for extensive evaluation.

Demo Nearmap and start seeing the world truthfully